Change log

release 0.3.1

Date: 2020-10-03

  • Sprite exporter [bugfix]: Disabling “Use alpha for transparent pixels” on images without alpha channel crash fixed
  • Sprite exporter [bugfix]: Error messages & warnings were not rendered to screen
  • GMII exporter: Gimp 2.8 compatibility fix

release 0.3.0

Date: 2019-11-23

  • GMII exporter: automatic image scaling & resizing added
  • GMII exporter: BLOAD headers can now be added using compress & split files option
  • GMII exporter: Transparency handling improved (alpha channel now supported)
  • GMII exporter: Background color for ROM image can be defined
  • palettes adjusted (based on Paul Wratt’s HW-MSX palette)

release 0.2.0

Date: 2019-11-20

  • fixed bug #5: sprite exporter raises IOError on Win7
  • fixed bug #1/#4: GM II exporter exported wrong colors
  • GM II exporter: new color indexing features (select dither type and option to use external converter MSXize by Weber Estevan Roder Kai)

release 0.1.3

  • bugfix in GM II exporter (color identification failed for some blocks)
  • sprite exporter added
  • GM II exporter some code refactoring

release 0.1.2

  • missing files for configure/make added + system compatibility improved

release 0.1.1

  • fixed bug #2: GM II exporter: compress image does not work properly